Post Baby Panty Postpartum Recovery Underwear - High Waist





Your postnatal mesh panties just got an upgrade!

Upspring Post Baby Panty is the postpartum underwear designed to slim and support after pregnancy.

It helps care for your post-baby belly by providing full-torso slimming from bra line to hips (woo hoo!).

The Post Baby Panty hugs your middle with just the right amount of targeted compression to support weakened abdominal muscles and help you get back to feeling your best.

Whether you’re going back to work, making a Target run, or simply enjoying your new baby, Post Baby Panty will provide much-needed support as you recover!

Why Post Baby Panty Postpartum Recovery Underwear - High Waist?

  • Medical grade compression to slim and support for postpartum moms
  • Designed for after vaginal delivery
  • Comfortable fluted waistband
  • Available in Nude and Black
  • Looks great under clothing; no bulky Velcro or straps
  • 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex; machine washable

Sizing Your Post Baby Panty Postpartum Recovery Underwear - High Waist

  • Pant size 2-8 = Post Baby Panty S/M
  • Pant size 10-16 = Post Baby Panty L/XL
  • Pant size 18-22 = Post Baby Panty 1X/2X

Had a C-Section Delivery?

If you've had a c-section, we recommend our C-Panty C-Section Recovery Panty that provides the same great compression as our Post Baby Postpartum Panties but includes a silicone panel for c-section incision pain relief and scar healing.

Postpartum Belly Tugging and Stretching

Stretching, bending, lifting, walking, and even just standing up can pull and tug on your healing belly and uterus.

No fun.

Throughout history, therapeutic compression has been used to help women regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Post Baby Panty, designed for use after pregnancy, uses calibrated medical grade compression targeted on the front of the abdomen. The ongoing compression provides additional support and slimming.

Post Baby postpartum underwear's high waist design also provides support and comfort. Clinically designed for postpartum support.


Post Baby Panty uses medical grade compression, which helps to reduce post-delivery swelling and return your figure to its pre-pregnancy shape.* The high waist design also offers extra support.

The difference is night and day! Girdles are not designed with the newly delivered mom in mind. While a girdle can give you a slimmer shape, it doesn’t give you the same level of compression, in the same spots, as Post Baby postpartum underwear. Plus, girdles can bind uncomfortably and dig in around the waist. (The word “suffocating” comes to mind.) Post Baby Panty’s fluted waistband is comfortable and non-binding. 

Yes, but we recommend a better solution: C-Panty. C-Panty is designed specifically for c-section recovery, with a built-in silicone panel for scar therapy.

Yes. Might as well shrink your hips while you’re shrinking your belly. (Your friends will wonder what your secret is!)


Yes. (Who has time to hand wash with a new baby around?) Line dry. 

You can wear Post Baby Panty immediately after delivery. Continue wearing Post Baby Panty until you are back to your pre-baby self or when you want a little extra abdominal slimming and support.