UpSpring Milkflow Drink Mix Shaker


We’re Shaking Things Up

It’s no secret that powder-based supplement drinks can be tough to mix.

We’ve all been there.

Stirring and stirring with all our might, and STILL finding those stray powder particles at the bottom of the glass.

With the UpSpring Shaker, you can help say goodbye to those unwanted clumps!

Designed to hold up to 12 ounces of fluid, the UpSpring Shaker pairs perfectly with our Milkflow breastfeeding supplement drink mix or any other powder-based drink.

Simply combine 8 - 10 ounces of water, milk, or juice with one packet of Milkflow, shake it (like a polaroid picture) for about 15 seconds while the powder dissolves, and enjoy!

Why UpSpring Milkflow Drink Mix Shaker?

  • Designed to seamlessly mix liquid and powder - the perfect partner for Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle breastfeeding supplement drinks!
  • Includes metal shaker ball to help smooth out any lingering lumps
  • Leak-proof lid prevents messes and spills
  • Sleek bottle design is easy to grip and great on the go
  • Holds up to 12 ounces (600 mL) of liquid
  • BPA-free

Anyone remember elementary school chemistry?

Neither do we. BUT in elementary school, you were probably taught that when it comes to dissolving solids in liquids, there’s two parts of the equation: a dissolv-er (the solvent) and a dissolv-ee (the solute). Eventually the dissolv-er reaches full capacity and is no longer able to continue dissolving more of the dissolv-ee.

If you’ve ever struggled to fully mix a powder-based drink mix, this is what you were experiencing.

The good news is: sometimes the dissolv-er just needs a little bit of help, which is where the UpSpring Shaker comes in!

Each shaker bottle is equipped with a coiled, metal ball, which works to help dissolve those lingering powder particles and smooth out your drink in just a few shakes.


Of course! Who has time to wash dishes by hand? 

The UpSpring Shaker is 100% BPA-free. 

Each shaker holds up to 600 mL or 20 ounces of liquids. 

Simply add your liquid of choice to the UpSpring Shaker, add your Milkflow powder (or any other powder for that matter), give it a few good shakes and you’re all set!


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