Real Moms; Real Stories - Milkflow Lactation Success

We are thrilled to bring you another edition of 'Real Moms; Real Stories' where we ask the UpSpring Community to share their breastfeeding journeys with us and include tips, tricks and lessons learned along the way.

 If you're a new mom and are struggling to breastfeed or are worried you aren't making enough milk for your baby, let these stories give you hope.

You're not the only one to struggle or come across low milk supply issues. These new moms have been in your shoes and are here to tell you some of the success and setbacks they've had along the way.

If you're struggling to make enough milk, consider adding any one of the Milkflow breastfeeding supplements into your daily diet and see the boosted results!

Worried Her Milk Wouldn't Come In

Our first UpSpring momma, Mellisa, talks about how her breast milk didn't come in right away and she was concerned, until her sister brought her a secret weapon, Milkflow!

"Like anymom, the first days after delivery are nerve racking. By day 2 I had little to no milk and I was in a panic. Doctors were pushing formula and the pressure was on to start producing milk now or never.

My sister came to the hospital with UpSpring products in hopes it would jump start my milk production and that's exactly what happened. Our little guy is one month strong with a freezer stash of over 300oz! Couldn't have done it without UpSpring"

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First Month of Breastfeeding Was the Hardest

UpSpring momma, Marisa, is a photographer, mother and has alopecia, which is a condition where you lose your hair. She has embraced herself and shares her daily life on her vlog, titled: Life as a Bald Girl.

"My son Abraham is 3 months old and Milkflow has been there for us on our breastfeeding journey since he was 2 weeks old. The first month of breastfeeding was honestly... a struggle.

In the hospital I was taught all the different positions to feed, how to perfect his latch, how much breastfeeding would be beneficial to my baby but what I wasn’t told was that some days it might feel like my nipples were being ripped right off of my body, that cluster feeds were a thing that might make me cry, or that some days my body would over produce and breastfeeding would then be extremely difficult when my milk was spraying all over my newborns face.

I found a community of mothers through social media and read and read and read all their stories, tips, and tricks.

I strongly believe surrounding yourself with those that GET IT. And UpSpring is one of those companies that just GETS IT. They offer so many different products that helps make our lives as a mother a little bit easier and that’s such a beautiful thing to be offering."

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Venting to Her Mom Group Helped Save Her Breastfeeding Journey!

UpSpring momma, Kimberly, shares her story about breastfeeding that starts with the adoption of her son and then the birth of her daughter.

My husband and I adopted our now 3-year-old son when he was 5 months old & I wasn't able to breastfeed him.

Then when we got pregnant with our daughter I knew immediately I was going to breastfeed her. Then the time came and it was harder than I ever imagined.

Then as if having a 3 year old and a newborn wasn't a challenge enough, I started my period unexpectedly and I watched my supple drop by half!

I was stressed out and truly heartbroken at the thought of not being able to nurse my daughter or even pump for her anymore.

After venting to my mom friends, one of them give me some sample packs of UpSpring Baby's Milkflow Supplement.

I was skeptical but the same day each time I pumped I watched the bottles fill up more and more! I literally went out the next day and bought a box of my own.

I have been able to give our daughter my breast milk exclusively for almost  5 months now because of UpSpring Baby! I LOVE the Mixed Berry flavor drink so much, its the first thing I drink every morning....even before my coffee!

Rory is a miracle that we were told we would NEVER have. We had 3 artificial inseminations and then we decided to foster to adopt.

Then I found out I was pregnant and we couldn't believe God gave us 2 miracles!

We finalized Rush's adoption just 9 days before I gave birth to Rory. It is so important to me that I give my babies the best of everything.

Being able to breastfeed a baby I was never supposed to have means literally the world to me!!!

MY breast milk in a necklace. It's so precious.  Rory & I work very hard to make it so I now have a piece of our hard work to wear around my neck everyday!

She even switched to UpSpring Baby vitamin D after using Enfamil and then founding out UpSpring had a cleaner, natural version of vitamin d!

Breastfeeding a Premature Baby and Making Enough Milk

UpSpring momma, Olivia, has been a long-time member of the UpSpring community, starting during pregnancy with her beautiful daughter, Evelyn.

She shares her breastfeeding tips, tricks and insights into what a new mom needs to know to have breastfeeding success! TL;DR - Don't give up. Keep going!

“During my pregnancy I was determined to breastfeed after my baby was born as I knew all the amazing benefits it had for both of us.

Evelyn was born almost two weeks early, and though she was petite, she was healthy. Within an hour of birth she had a successful latch.

It was such a magical and empowering moment to be able to breastfeed her.  We went home from the hospital two days after two days, all the while I had been continuing to feed her on demand.

After our first day home I quickly felt/knew something was off. My breasts were hurting as they had become heavily engorged and Evelyn had been having dry diapers, even though I thought she had been nursing.

I quickly realized that my milk had not come in and she had not been eating after all. Immediately we made the painful but proactive decision to supplement feed her for the next few days and hope my milk would come in.

During this stressful and confusing time, I was feeling a spectrum of emotions. However I was committed to breastfeeding and wanted to take supplements to help with my milk supply.

During pregnancy I took the UpSpring Baby Prenatal Vitamin (I still do) and knew they had several products known to promote lactation. We purchased several of their products.

I drank two mixes a day for several days, during this time we were supplement feeding Evelyn.

I was also massaging my breasts and using a heat a compress. Within days my milk supply came in and Evelyn was able to drink some liquid gold, aka Colostrum.

I immediately felt as though the biggest weight had been removed from my shoulders and felt such bliss knowing I was able to feed my sweet baby girl.

We have now reached the five month milestone of exclusively breastfeeding and I can honestly say that UpSpring Baby has been a product we have used since early conception, pregnancy and a product we loyally continue to use.

Lastly, I know this is such a challenging phase to go through. With the help of supplements, it’s so very important to not give up on yourself.

Try to be patient, positive and not too hard on yourself. Negativity and stress can have a debilitating impact on your milk production. So, Mamas take care of yourself and your body will take care of the rest.”