Real Moms; Real Results - The Beck Triplets and CPanty Recovery

After struggling with fertility for almost 2 years, Christy Beck and her husband, thought they may never have children, but after a vacation to clear away the stress and pressure of trying to conceive, they decided to try one more time and this time it took!

Christy found out they were pregnant with, not one, but three miracle babies! After delivering her triplets at 32 weeks via cesarean, Christy's recovery after a c-section was initially painful and slow going, until she discovered C-Panty, the postpartum underwear specifically designed for c-section recovery.

We're grateful to feature Christy and her sweet triplet tribe's story in UpSpring's 'Real Moms. Real Results.' blog series.

Trying to Conceive - 17th Time's a Charm!

Christy and her husband made 16 attempts to conceive, but each time they got the news that it did not take.

It was after this 16th time that Christy recounts the overwhelming feelings of sadness, failure and disappointment.

She and her husband decided to take a vacation and let some of the stress and emotions calm down.

As she recounts in this intimate instagram post, Christy was worried she wasn't supposed to be a mom at all. Little did she know at the time, but that vacation would do the Becks a lot of good and when they got home, they decided to give it one more try and this time, it was a success!

This was the 16th attempt at TTC and we got negative results. Here we are speaking with our doctor to see what other options we have. I cried so many tears 😭 because I felt like a failure. I was convinced I wasn’t meant to be a mom at all. So...we decided to take a 2 week vacation to an island for my birthday and take a break from everything for a while. 🌺🌈🥥We talked about it a lot while on vacation...if we could handle it emotionally to try again or are we just meant to be happy without children. When we got back we decided to try ONE LAST TIME, as life is too short. And a few weeks later...BOOM! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼PREGGERS!!!!!! Don’t give up!!! It doesn’t always happen right away and may take time. 💗 All I know is I fought SO HARD for my little tribe and I can’t wait to meet them in the next few weeks! 🌸🌸🌸

Post by CHRISTY BECK (@the.becktriplets)

Pregnancy and C-section with Multiples

As most women who are pregnant or have given birth to multiples will tell you, there comes a point when there simply isn’t any more room in your belly and the babies must make their debut!

A standard, single baby is considered 'full-term' at 39-40 weeks, twins are considered 'full-term' at 37 weeks and triplets are considered 'full-term' between 32-34 weeks.

Luckily, in spite of a small scare at 27 weeks, Christy was able to make it to 32 weeks with her three babies and gave birth via cesarean on April 6th, 2018 to three of the most beautiful, healthy, 3.5lb babies - Rockwell, Cali and Elli Beck!

Recovery After C-section

Recovery after c-section can be more challenging than a vaginal birth and many women report feeling a lot of pain, especially around the incision area as well as lower back pain from having their core destabilized from pregnancy.

Four days postpartum, Christy posted about her struggle to recover after the c-section and received an outpouring of support and encouragement from other moms.

Having a c-section is major surgery and shortly after posting about her painful recovery, Christy discovered C-Panty and was able to focus more on caring for her new triplets than the pain and discomfort of her c-section recovery.

We are grateful to feature such a beautiful, positive and powerful momma like Christy and for her willingness to share her journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond on her Instagram account.

Follow Christy and her beautiful triple tribe @the.becktriplets. What started as a simple way to document her babies' progress, has now turned into a powerful online diary of hope and insights into the mom of multiples' journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond for followers around the world!

That's what we call 'Real Moms; Real Results'.

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