New Mom Must-Haves: Baby Registry and Gifts For New Moms

If you're a new mom or you are looking for the best gifts for new moms, you'll find this product round up for first time new moms helpful, especially, if you're struggling with gift ideas for the baby shower party you've got on your calendar.

This list is a combination of the best baby shower gifts and other gifts for new moms that you may not think about, but they will be VERY helpful!

One of the biggest trends most people follow when buying gifts for an expectant mom is to make it all about the baby.

For the most part, babies don't need a lot of 'stuff,' but the tired, exhausted, new mom definitely will! We tried to think of everything a new mom could need, even things she doesn't realize she needs yet!

New moms have a lot on their plates when keeping up with a new baby and will have three main things she's focused on: the baby, her new postpartum body and her breastmilk supply.

Gifts Just for Moms

Dry shampoo: In the not too distant future, the expectant mom in your life will soon be referring to basic human hygiene as 'luxuries'; this includes showering everyday.

Trust us on this one. Pick up a bottle of dry shampoo next time you're at the grocery store or box retailer and the new mom in your life will be greatly appreciative for this mom hack.

Eco-friendly Tip: Avoid aerosol versions and buy the dry shampoos that use pressurized air instead.

Postpartum belly wrap: These days there's a lot of hype around 'waist trainers' and 'postpartum girdles.'

There's a long history around the girdle and waist trainer, but the reality is that these garments are only considered shape wear and NOT compression garments.

Compression is what a new mom needs to help heal the core after birth and begin to stabilize her core.

Get her one of the best postpartum belly wraps to help her regain core muscle memory, reduce excess fluids and expedite postpartum weight loss (although you may be better off leaving that last part about weight loss out of your baby shower card).

Postpartum hip wrap: It's a little known fact that the hormone, relaxin, the same hormone pregnant women produce that helps their joints loosen for delivery, is the same hormone that helps with postpartum hip changes!

The relaxin levels are elevated in the first 8 weeks after giving birth and by using a combination of relaxin and compression, new moms can get back to their prepregnancy size faster!*

Get the new or expectant mom in your life Shrinkx Hips wrap. In a clinical study, 95% of moms who wore Shrinkx Hips returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size or smaller.

Food delivery: In our opinion, the gift of easy food is considerably under utilized and yet, making sure a new mom is eating enough when the baby arrives can have a huge impact on her breastmilk supply and keeping up her energy for taking care of a newborn.

Get the new mom in your life a gift card for food delivery, whether that be an Uber Eats, Favor, Blue Apron or any other food service gift cards you can think of.

Giving a new mom the gift of food she doesn't have to cook will be a highlight in her postpartum journey!

Milkscreen: New moms have spent the last 9 months not drinking alcohol.

Now that their little one is earth side, the new mom in your life may want to indulge in a drink or two, but she may be asking "how do I know if alcohol is in my breastmilk?" -- Don't guess, test! Throw a box of Milkscreen in the new mom gift bag and she'll thank you later!

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Night Nurse: This might seem like an unusual gift, but can be -- hands down -- the best gift to get a new mom. For one, the phrase 'sleep like a baby' should be modified to 'sleep like a husband,' because newborn babies do not sleep.

They're awake and feeding every 2-4 hours. As most new moms are breastfeeding, that makes her the SOLE FOOD SOURCE for the baby, which means she's not getting a lot of sleep.

Most people that hire a night nurse do so for the first few weeks and months with a newborn to give the new mom some rest.

The night nurse is typically a birth doula or some other trained expert who comes over at night and takes care of the baby at night so the new parents can get some sleep.

New Mom Must Haves


Changing pad: We love having this changing table because it travels. It hangs out in the living room with me during the day for diaper changes then moves into the bedroom for drying off after bath time.

We got two covers for it and probably should have done three- babies are messy!

Bassinet: There are many bassinets on the market, but one of our personal favorites is the Chicco Bassinet. It is a super simple and affordable bassinet from Target (pick up UpSpring Milkflow or Vitamin D drops while you're there!).

It is much easier to reach in and get your newborn out of a bassinet than a crib.

This can be especially true if the new mom is recovering from a c-section and needs to take extra care around her abdominal incision. (NOTE: C-Panty is postpartum underwear that was specifically designed to help new moms with c-section recovery).

Glider/Rocker: New parents, and new moms specifically, will be doing a lot of rocking when the baby arrives. Having a quality place to sit, nurse and enjoy baby snuggles is very important!

SNOO Smart Sleeper: From the doctor that wrote the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block," comes this game-changing baby sleeper.

Baby Gear

Baby carrier: There are many, many choices. One of the most common baby carrier is the Moby Wrap because it has a simple design, however, many parents end up feeling confused by all the fabric and end up abandoning using it for other more structured carriers.

Our friends at The Bump and Beyond have a great baby carrier rental program for new parents to try out many types of baby carriers before they decide on just one.

There are many different programs like this and you may want to do a local search in your area for other local groups that offer rentals.

Car seat: It is a legal requirement in all 50 states that children be properly harnessed in a moving vehicle.

One of the best sites we've found for finding a high-quality car seat that reviews everything from cost to safety features can be found here. Highlights that we look for in quality car seats include: easy to get in and out of the car and light weight.

It's also helpful if you can hear the "click" when it's been hooked into the car correctly. Safety first!


There are so many options for diapers, how is a new mom to know what the best diaper is?!

Well, that depends. Some extra brave moms will do cloth diapering and if that's the case, one of the most popular cloth diaper styles are the pocket or all-in-one diaper.

Don't despair if you've bought diapers for your upcoming baby shower gift! Even moms who are using cloth diapers can use backups.

Many new moms find they expect they'll be able to do more than they really should.

Giving her diapers of any size can be helpful, particularly when it's 3am and she hasn't had time to catch up on the laundry and needs to do a diaper change! 

Breastfeeding Items

Nursing Pillow: The Boppy is hands down one of the most popular nursing pillows around. It allows breastfeeding moms to prop up their baby and save their arm strength while nursing.

If you decide to buy a nursing pillow as a baby shower gift, be sure to get a cover! New babies spit up and make other messes that having a machine-washable cover will be critical!

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Nipple shield: It’s estimated 7 out of 10 new moms who are breastfeeding will experience problems. This can include anything from latch and tongue tie issues, to low supply and pain while breastfeeding.

A nipple shield is one of those new mom gifts that will be under-appreciated when initially given, but can be a game changer in making sure the new mom is successful at breastfeeding.

The hospital will often give new moms a nipple shield, but you’ll soon realize one is not enough. Many moms report buying 3 or 4 and always keeping them in your bra to make it easier to nurse on demand.

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Nursing tank: If you’re a new mom or are buying a gift for a new mom, a nursing tank is one of the most utilitarian and long-lasting gifts you can get/give!

Key things to look for in a nursing tank include: easy-to-use snaps, machine-washable and moderate compression.

As any breastfeeding mom knows, ease and speed of access are VERY important, especially when you have a fussy, hungry baby on your hands!

Give the gift of an UpSpring Charcoal Fusion Nursing Tank, which is made from a high-quality bamboo charcoal fiber that has been shown to increase circulation and help increase metabolism!

What new mom doesn’t love a little slimming and metabolism boost?!

Milk catching bags: These little nursing bags are AMAZING! When the baby first latches on to nurse, mom experiences what is known as a 'let down.'

Only problem is that it's not limited to the breast the baby is nursing from, but instead both breasts will 'let down' and she'll be losing all that liquid gold to towels and nursing pads unless she uses a milk catching bag.

You simply attach it to the opposite breast while baby is feeding and it'll collect breast milk. When a new mom is nursing and pumping all the time, there is not an ounce of liquid gold that should be wasted!

Breast Pump System: This is a personal preference and many moms will find that their insurance company covers most pumps.

No matter what gift you choose for the new mom in your life, anything that addresses her three basic needs: baby needs, postpartum body needs or breast milk supply needs, you'll have a well-received gift!

Sleepless and taking care of newborn around the clock is one of the hardest jobs a person can do and by buying a baby shower gift that helps alleviate some of the new parenting pains, you'll be giving the best gift!