The Best Baby Shower Gift For Mom, The Mighty Mom Birth Bundle Is Here!

Looking for the perfect mom-centric baby shower gift? You’ve come to the right place!

So often, baby shower gifts are only centered around the new baby, but what about a new mom gift?

Here at Upspring, we want our new mamas to unlock their inner mighty along their journey to, and through, mom-hood.

Our Mighty Mom Birth Bundle is the best gift for baby showers, since it’s made for moms and benefits baby too!

We focus on zero-compromise innovations that are mom-centric and intuitive.

There are so many sacrifices moms must make, whether it’s their first baby or they already have little ones running around.

So, what’s included in the bundle?

Shrinkx Belly Charcoal Wrap

Designed for postpartum mamas, our Shrinkx Belly Wrap has customizable and adjustable compression to fit moms’ changing size after birth.

Shrinkx Belly is designed with triple-point compression, lower back support, and charcoal infused fabrics to help moms feel their best after giving birth.

Shrinkx Belly can be worn daily, after C section or vaginal delivery, until abdominal support is no longer needed.

Whether they’re going back to work, making a Target run, or simply enjoying time with baby, Shrinkx Belly is a post delivery essential and provides some much-needed support as mom recovers.


Milkflow Berry & Chocolate Drink Mixes

Throughout history, moms have used a variety of milk-boosting herbs, also known as galactagogues, to help keep their supply of milk up while breastfeeding.

However, there weren’t many options for consuming these herbs – at least not in a way that was tasty!

We don’t believe in compromising, so we created Milkflow, our lactation supplement drink mixes, to give moms the breast milk boost they need, without having to sacrifice taste. 

The proprietary blend used in Milkflow combines fenugreek, blessed thistle and other milk-boosting herbs to support healthy breastmilk production.*

Included in this bundle are two of our best-selling flavors – chocolate and berry.

The electrolytes in these formulas help replenish and restore those that are lost while breastfeeding.*

Our community of Mighty Mamas are so creative, coming up with many different ways to enjoy Milkflow, such as smoothies, mocktails and even oatmeal!


Milkscreen Alcohol Test Strips

After 9 months of pregnancy, and who knows how long breastfeeding, moms shouldn’t have to compromise when that glass of wine is calling their name!

Milkscreen is the original, first of its kind, 2-minute test designed to detect alcohol in breastmilk.

It’s easy to use, with quick results, for peace of mind, without sacrifice.

Milkscreen is a great new mom gift that can help empower the Mighty Mamas in your life to continue to breastfeed safely, without compromising on their desires, as long as they choose to do so.


Dual Postnatal Immunity

Immune health is passed from mom to baby at birth, and breastfeeding can help pass immune material to baby as their system develops.

We designed Dual Postnatal Immunity probiotic to help support what mom passes to their growing baby.

It’s formulated with a clinically studied, single strain probiotic shown to help optimize baby’s start and support long-term immune health when taken while breastfeeding.*

In addition to the probiotics, which support mom’s natural immune defenses, this formula includes B vitamins that provide added benefits to postpartum mood and energy, plus hair and nails.*

It’s a perfect baby shower gift because of its benefits for both mom and baby!

With solutions for healing their body, and feeding and caring for baby, moms are sure to feel supported and empowered on their motherhood journey.

If you're still unsure about what to get the mama to be, add in the all-new U.siip water enhancer. Perfect for the new mom while breastfeeding to keep her hydrated and less boring than water.