How To Increase Breastmilk Supply

One of the biggest concerns breastfeeding moms have is, ‘is my baby getting enough to eat?’ With a low milk supply, it can make providing steady food for baby difficult.

We spoke with one of our certified Lactation Consultants, Linda Hill, for advice on how moms can increase their breast milk supply.

Moms produce breast milk at different rates and can, as the baby progresses in age, start to produce less milk. No matter what stage mom is in, if she is seeking to breastfeed, but her supply is low, this can be very frustrating.

Here are a few ways mom can work on producing more milk:

1. Maintain The Activity

Continue to try to breastfeed and pump, about 8-12 times per day. The body still needs the cues to produce, even if it’s low. Maintaining the activity will help ensure supply does not dry up.

The first two weeks is especially critical to establishing a healthy breast milk supply.

2. Avoid The Artificial

Avoid too much feeding with artificial nipples/bottles to ensure baby remains focused on feeding from the breast and the body continues to receive the signals that it should be producing milk.

3. Feed From Both Breasts

Attempt to use both breasts during feeding to stimulate milk production in both sides.

4. A Better Latch

Suck from baby may be weak or ineffective in stimulating enough milk production. A certified Lactation Consultant can assist in latching techniques.

5. Stress and Supply

Mom may be sick, stressed or on medication that could be slowing breast milk supply. In a case like this, low supply should rebound.

There are a host of reasons breast milk supply may be low; some temporary, others need professional guidance.

If you are worried about your milk supply and your baby’s nourishment, connect with one of our certified Lactation Consultants who can work with you from the comfort of home.

You may also want to try using an herbal supplement to support healthy breast milk supply. Fenugreek has been used for centuries to help promote milk supply. Learn more about Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle...